Joining late#

Wait list#

There is often a wait list for this course.

  • There’s a lot of churn in enrollment, so be patient.

  • One reason for the class size limit is ensuring everyone has a chance to participate. Therefore, it will not be exceeded to accommodate individual students.

  • To be fair to everyone, enrollment is first come first served.

  • How the wait list works

  • Worst case, if you don’t get in:

While you’re waiting#

If you’re not officially registered for the course but want to be, due to being wait-listed or having a registration issue:

Once you join#

This is a short class that moves quickly, so depending on how much you missed, you may have to hustle to catch up. If you’re willing and able to put in the time and do so quickly, it’s doable.

If you’re coming off the wait list or registering for the course after the first lecture:


  • We will grant extensions up to the following, whichever comes first:

    • Nine days after the original due date

    • One week after you were enrolled in the course

  • If we accidentally mark you as late, let the grader know and we’ll get it corrected.

  • The late submission deadline will not be extended.

    • In other words: If you joined the class more than a week after the class starts, you can’t turn in Homework 0 late.

This is a short class, and these rules are in place to:

  • Ensure late-joiners get caught up quickly

  • Allow solutions for homeworks to be shared sooner than later (so that students can learn from them)