Joining late#

Wait list#

There is often a wait list for this course.

While you’re waiting#

Once you join#

If you’re coming off the wait list or registering for the course after the first lecture:


  • We will grant extensions up to the following, whichever comes first:

    • Nine days after the original due date

    • One week after you were enrolled in the course

  • If we accidentally mark you as late, let the grader know and we’ll get it corrected.

  • The late submission deadline will not be extended.

    • In other words: If you joined the class more than a week after the class starts, you can’t turn in Homework 0 late.

This is a short class, and these rules are in place to:

  • Ensure late-joiners get caught up quickly

  • Allow solutions for homeworks to be shared sooner than later (so that students can learn from them)