Final Project peer grading#

Your Final Project will be reviewed and graded by three of your peers, and you will grade three others’. This will be done anonymously in both directions. Your score will be the median of the peer grades.

If you disagree with the grade, you can appeal by emailing the instructor and grader. This comes with a risk: this new grade will be the one that’s used, even if it’s lower.

How to review#

  1. Open Brightspace.

  2. Go to Content, then Final Project. You should see an embedded TurnItIn/PeerMark dashboard.

  3. Follow these instructions.

  4. Check against the analysis requirements, factoring in the applicable general assignment scoring.

    • Explain what points are being deducted for what.

    • State the final score in the comment area.

Notes for reviewers#

  • Your feedback should include what they did well, as well as what they could do more clearly/simply/etc.

  • The feedback should be constructive; don’t be a jerk.

  • Points should only be deducted based on the requirements. A “this could be done better/differently” comment doesn’t necessarily need to have a corresponding point deduction.

  • You are not expected to run any of their code. The notebook should be graded as-is.

  • Reviews are expected to be in-depth, and thus take 15+ minutes each.

  • As long as the feedback is thoughtful, you’ll receive full points.