Final Project resources

Final Project resources#

Open data portals#

There are countless places to get data, notably:


Probably not realistic to make visualizations that are as fancy as these, but they may give you ideas. Some also include links/downloads of the source data.

Counting lines of code#

To count the number of lines of code in a notebook:

  1. Download the notebook as a Python file.

    1. With the notebook open in Google Colab, go to File->Download->Download .py.

  2. Upload the Python file to Google Colab (directly, not to Google Drive).

    1. Click the Files icon in the sidebar.

    2. Click the Upload to session storage button.

    3. Select the .py file.

  3. Put the following in a code cell and run it.

    !apt-get install -y cloc > /dev/null
    !cloc --hide-rate --by-file *.py